Building the Perfect Resume at Comcast Career Day

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By:Cameron Ziomber, 1st year Corps Member serving on the Chevron Team at Clyde Arbuckle Elementary School

On Friday, March 15, 2013, the members of City Year San Jose partnered up with Comcast for their annual Comcast Career Day. It was a unique opportunity for members of City Year to explore future opportunities and gain valuable career tips from experienced professionals. A recipe for future success, all wrapped up in a one package deal!

Upon our bright and early arrival, we were welcomed and treated to a tasty breakfast. Comcast kicked the day off with a brief video emphasizing the importance of City Year and Comcast’s commitment to our program.  At this point, I had finished my coffee and was completely engaged. As I sat amongst fellow corps members, not knowing exactly what to expect, I was intrigued by our first speaker’s introduction. He gave us some surprising statistics on the professional value of social media. As I continued to listen, I learned a lot about the virtual world of business. His ideas about staying in touch with a business’ goals and missions by following a CEO’s twitter feed will be useful when I start interviewing.

As our day transpired, we heard more from many other Comcast professionals. They provided key insight on some of the many components needed to start a successful career! Engaging dialog accompanied by PowerPoint presentation helped me get a new sense of what business culture can look like. The next section was all about interviews. This section highlighted the professional Do’s and Don’ts that are essential for emerging from an interview without needing a business based band- aid.

Next, was “The Comcastic Resume Workshop”. I found this part of the day to be most beneficial. Without having very many professional experiences, my resume writing skills were a bit on the inexperienced side. I have always known the importance of having a strong resume to grab the attention of future employers but never really knew what the “perfect resume” would look like. This workshop was very useful in providing ideas about how to frame a resume. By utilizing these ideas and pointers, I am more confident in my ability to write a resume that will win!

The final part of the day was my favorite part. I was given an opportunity to look into some different types of positions that potential employers have to offer. I had the choice of which Comcast employees I wanted to sit down with. It was interesting to see and hear from workers of different professional backgrounds. The personalized advice and professional insights that I received will certainly be useful in creating career goals of my own. We chatted with our Comcast representatives over yummy sandwiches and spoke of various things. The one on one conversations were a great way for me to find out where to start and added a special quality of personal touch to my day!

I now have a new sense of what a career in business can look like. I am glad that I was able to participate and can walk away with new ideas of how to plan, explore and start my own career after City Year!


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