Comcast Career Day

By: Jackson Young

There are many different sponsors of City Year who make the work we do possible, but seldomly throughout our corps year are we given the opportunity to meet the people whom the various corporations are composed of. When I was told about Comcast Career Day, I was excited at the concept of visiting one of our largest sponsors and expected that it would be a great opportunity for networking and future career plans.

The day ended up being so much more than just that.

I entered under the incorrect assumption that this career day was for the San Jose/Silicon Valley site alone and that the day was an event hosted by our local Comcast branch. After receiving brief welcomes and introductions from the heads of the Human Resources department, we were shown a brief video from the Comcast corporate office in Philadelphia. Various Comcast members thanked City Year for the work we have done, and one even donned a City Year bomber! The most striking part of the video to me was the knowledge that 12 other City Year sites were experiencing a Comcast Career Day at the same time as the San Jose site. I felt a strong sense of unity with the other sites in this instant, because though we may be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart, we were all sharing a day of appreciation and career assistance.

We were treated to a variety of different trainings throughout the morning, including proper use of social networking, interview preparation, and resume writing. Throughout the morning, it was apparent the high level of investment Comcast held in our future career plans and concerns, frequently allowing for questions and giving advice from a variety of perspectives. It was made clear that if there was anything we needed, they would do anything in their power to help.

After the trainings were complete, we broke into smaller groups based on our preferences to converse with members of various different departments, including operations, HR, sales, public relations, engineering and several others. This provided an excellent platform for discussion about career struggles and successes and how to face situations as they arise. In each group, the department representatives showed a fervent interest in corps members and genuinely wanted to know more about us. These smaller sessions contributed greatly to the personal nature of the day.

Career day at Comcast ended up being so much more than a networking day. It provided a sense of unity and cohesion- not just between the 13 City Year sites participating but also between corps members and members of Comcast. The fact that Comcast puts in so much thought and effort into hosting an annual event for City Year is a testament to the direct and tangible impact that can be seen from our presence within communities. The sincere, caring, and altruistic people that make up one of our largest sponsors were revealed, sharing with City Year a common goal of making a difference and changing the world.


1 thought on “Comcast Career Day

  1. I am very happy for you City Year America Corps Members for having a great career exhibition with Different Departments I am very happy to see big thing Happening to this big organization. Wellingson From City Year South Africa Johannesburg 2013 Service Leader

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