PITW awards!

Putting Idealism to Work (PITW) is a collection of ideas written and edited by City Year CEO and Co-Founder Michael Brown, but contributed to by many people. It contains 182 pieces of collective City Year wisdom that guide our service and serve as a reference for ways to implement our mission in our daily work.  Our site gives out PITW awards to people who embody these ideals.

PITW # 32 Inject creativity into everything.

Awarded to Jovil Clemente, Corps Member on the Applied Materials team at Lee Mathson Middle School

Jovil is a powerful creator on our Mathson team. He infuses art and innovation into every event and meeting that we host. Mista Jay is a bright light to our group.

PITW # 53 Set very high expectations for yourself and others – especially people you are leading.

Awarded to Tajah Eddy, Corps Member on the San Francisco 49ers Foundation team at Mildred Goss Elementary School

Tajah has gone over and above her expectations as a team leader for Goss.  Not only does she exemplify through her actions the expectations set for our team by picking up students for tutoring and after school classes, but she holds herself to that type of success she expects from herself and from us. As our team leader, we follow in her footsteps with the same mission.  She is a great leader who doesn’t consider herself exempt from helping achieve the goals set as Goss and within City Year.

PITW #9 Create your own environment for success.

Awarded to Dylan O’Conner, Corps Member on the J.P. Morgan Chase and Company team at Clyde L. Fischer Middle School

Dylan is a definite leader on our team, and he is  always looking for ways to be successful in his tutoring sessions and after school.  He is consistently seeking feedback and changing things in his classroom to make sure his students have the best chance at success.  He has definitely created his own environment for success at our school through strong relationships with teachers, the students, and school staff.

PITW #49 Don’t forget to have fun!

Awarded to Ruben Raskin, Corps Member on the Walmart Foundation at Cureton Elementary School

I would like to award PITW 49 to Ruben Raskin for his constant ability to inject fun into everything he does. In the midst of a stressful day, our team can always count on Ruben to make our day a little brighter. From the behavior chart rap to goofy directions in his lesson plans, Ruben often reminds us to find the joy in our work.


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