Year In Review: The Walmart Foundation Team at Cureton Elementary

This school year the Walmart Foundation Team at Horace Cureton Elementary School has lived up to its mission statement, which states, “We serve in order to ensure that the future generation is prepared for the trials they will inevitably face, and that our students will become conscious, questioning, and concerned individuals who strive to surround themselves with a diverse community.”

The Walmart Foundation Cureton Elementary School team on opening day with school administrators, Executive Director Beach Pace and team sponsor representatives

During the school day the team supports 140 students through attendance, behavior and coursework interventions. The team engaged the entire student body in a read-a-thon to build a culture of literacy. Students read for a total of 711 hours (about 42,000 minutes or approximately 30 days) and raised $1,887 to buy new books for the school’s guided reading library. The event culminated in a family literacy night on March 28.

Aside from providing interventions and school wide events, the City Year team has worked to improve the school environment with the introduction of a recycling program.  This initiative has increased the amount of material the school recycles by 300 percent since October. Redeemable recyclables have been cashed in to save money to buy more books for student use.

Corps Member Denise Lee tutors a student in math

When it comes to the after school program, corps members have shown creativity and passion in broadening their students’ knowledge base.

The team’s enrichment activities are diverse learning opportunities that teach students new skills and self-respect.  Students have participated in dance, science, book art, Girls Empowered and Motivated, Playbook, island culture and Harry Potter’s Peacebuilders, just to name a few.

Corps members have gone above and beyond to plan events like enrichment showcases, a college fair, a talent show and an end of year carnival during after school program that have been both exciting and educational for students.

Corps Member Trent Dondero helps a student with homework

This is the first year the Walmart Foundation has been a City Year San Jose Team Sponsor. Aside from the team at Cureton, the Foundation also currently sponsors two teams of corps members serving in City Year LA and City Year Sacramento.

The Walmart Foundation strives to provide opportunities that improve the lives of individuals in communities through financial contributions, in-kind donations and volunteerism in the areas of education, workforce development, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness. We appreciate the Foundation’s support of our site and the team at Cureton Elementary in efforts to improve education in our community.

Corps member Natalie Bograd helps students in the computer lab


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