Congrats to our PITW award winners!!

Putting Idealism to Work (PITW) is a collection of ideas written and edited by City Year CEO and Co-Founder Michael Brown, but contributed to by many people. It contains 182 pieces of collective City Year wisdom that guide our service and serve as a reference for ways to implement our mission in our daily work.  Our site gives out PITW awards to people who embody these ideals.

PITW #177– Laugh at least once a day. Everyday.

Awarded to Lauren Jordan, Corps Member on the 49ers Foundation team at Goss Elementary and Katie Judge, Corps Member on the NVIDIA team at Dorsa Elementary

Lauren Jordan

Ms. Jordan for always has a smile on her face and a dance in her step, literally. She always has such great energy and enthusiasm with her team and students. Her dedication to serve with positivity and an open-mind definitely shines through her service. I know I can count on Lauren to take her work seriously but also make it a really fun time for everyone involved.

Katie Judge

I don’t know where our team would be without Katie. Her sense of humor, innocence, and pure honesty keeps us going every day. Her ability to get her work done well and to make us laugh uncontrollably is something I’ll always be thankful for.

PITW #63– Refuse to fail. (aka “City Year refuses to fail.”)

Awarded to Emily Weber, Corps Member on the NVIDIA team at Dorsa Elementary

Emily Weber

Whenever times are challenging we have the option of staying to fight or running away. I don’t think Emily ever thinks about running away. She takes on each problem head on and if it’s not her problem, she offers to help the person it affects. Emily refuses to let our students, our team, or our organization fail.

PITW #53– Set very high expectations for yourself and others- especially people you are leading.

Awarded to Vanessa Palafox, Corps Member on the Applied Materials team at Mathson Middle School

Vanessa Palafox

P-fox has really brought this PITW to life for me. Throughout our service, she has continued to hold high expectations for her students, teammates, and herself. These high expectations have really motivated the students by showing them what they are capable of achieving inside and outside the classroom! Her creativity and passion for these students allows them to really enjoy and respect the structure within each enrichment. Her dedication and commitment to these students resounds through her perseverance in holding high expectations for herself. Thanks for your service!


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