Sí Se Puede Awards: April

The Sí Se Puede Awards are inspired by Cesar Chavez who was, and still is, an important role model in our community. The people of San José are familiar with his work and celebrate him to this day. This saying, “Sí Se Puede,” is part of that culture and pride.

For students, “Sí Se Puede” is a reminder that they can do well and be great, both in their academics and in the choices they make in life. When corps members assist them in these accomplishments, they are ultimately changing the students’ attitudes about themselves and their future. For corps members, “Sí Se Puede” can be used to get through this city year because it serves as a reminder that they are making a difference in children’s lives and in the world. It’s a symbol of their pride in the community and in the work they do.  With Sí Se Puede awards, we seek to recognize and celebrate exemplary corps member efforts.

This month’s recipient:

Dave Conway, Corps Member on the Applied Materials team at Lee Mathson Middle School

Dave is a true asset to the Mathson team. He has taken on many roles this year and has done a stalwart job at all of them. During the day, Dave tutors nine 6th and 7thgrade students in math. The time and effort he puts into his tutoring plans as well as his implementation strategies illustrate his deliberate nature and passion for helping his students with skills they need support in developing.

Dave Conway

By the numbers Dave is impressive:

1)  His nine tutoring students made an average 1.68 point increase on the easyCBM benchmark test

2)  One student was cycled out of tutoring at midyear, having grown a remarkable eight points on the easyCBM test

3)  Nine out of his ten original students have improved their grades in math

*Five of these students improved by a full letter grade or more from the first quarter to the third quarter of the school year. One student went from an F to a C+!

4)  The average of his tutoring students’ math GPAs went from 1.73 in the first quarter to a 1.97 in the second quarter to a 2.3 in the third quarter.

Finally, I want to share a story about Dave that shows what he is all about. A few days ago, I realized that the third quarter grades were posted, and I wrote down in my notebook to ask Dave if he would be willing to work with a few people to pull those grades from the data system (a very cumbersome one at that) and then maybe start looking at the data next week. The following day after writing that down, Dave approached me to chat.

He had already pulled all of the grades—he told me in a very typical, nonchalant, business as usual tone. My jaw dropped with astonishment. I asked if he could be ready to share the information with the team next week, and he said he would be ready the next day!

To say the least our team has been blessed to have Dave this year as he, among many other things, allows us to view our student-level work and progress in meaningful ways. His skills and passion for numbers and the distillation of those numbers for what they actually mean will take him very far. It is very exciting and an honor to nominate Dave Conway for this award of “anything is possible” and “yes I can” because that is what I get from Dave everyday as his manager.


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