Congrats to our February PITW award winners!

Putting Idealism to Work (PITW) is a collection of ideas written and edited by City Year CEO and Co-Founder Michael Brown, but contributed to by many people. It contains 182 pieces of collective City Year wisdom that guide our service and serve as a reference for ways to implement our mission in our daily work.  Our site gives out PITW awards to people who embody these ideals.

PITW #18– Think outside of the box

Katrina Velasco

Awarded to Katrina Velasco, Corps Member on the NVIDIA team at Dorsa Elementary School

Every day Katrina develops interesting and creative lesson plans that stimulate her students and inspire them to explore their imagination and creativity. Whether her enrichment projects involve still life drawings, masks, or cheese hats, she is always reaching outside of the box and by doing so makes the kids excited about after school and learning.

PITW #46– Be a clock builder, not just a time-teller

Jared Hymowitz

Awarded to Jared Hymowitz, Corps Member on the NVIDIA team at Dorsa Elementary School

Jared has built literacy systems and structures at Dorsa that are built to last. His work benefits his students, team and school this year, but will also contribute to the success of future corps members and students. Jared’s collaboration with teachers to create a comprehensive leveled library of guided reading materials was impressive. Beyond that, his organization of additional books for use during after school homework center and his constant pursuit of supplemental materials for use in tutoring sessions is time-consuming yet inspiring work.

PITW #57– “It’s not my fault-but it is”

Trent Dondero

Awarded to Trent Dondero, Corps Member on the Walmart Foundation team at Cureton Elementary School

Trent feels a “trusteeship” for the success of our team.  Rather than focusing on just his own tasks and responsibilities, he often takes on the responsibilities of others.  He constantly goes the extra mile, helping people power through testing, copying, or data entry that they should have done much earlier.  He always helps out teammates willing and cheerfully, never asking for favors in return.  His commitment to the success of not just himself, but our team as a whole, has helped our team through many challenging times this year.  


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