Sí Se Puede Awards: January

The Sí Se Puede Awards are inspired by Cesar Chavez who was, and still is, an important role model in our community. The people of San José are familiar with his work and celebrate him to this day. This saying, “Sí Se Puede,” is part of that culture and pride.

For students, “Sí Se Puede” is a reminder that they can do well and be great, both in their academics and in the choices they make in life. When corps members assist them in these accomplishments, they are ultimately changing the students’ attitudes about themselves and their future. For corps members, “Sí Se Puede” can be used to get through this city year because it serves as a reminder that they are making a difference in children’s lives and in the world. It’s a symbol of their pride in the community and in the work they do.  With Sí Se Puede awards, we seek to recognize and celebrate exemplary corps member efforts.

This month’s recipient: Chelsey Flink, Corps Member on the 49ers Foundation team at Goss Elementary

Chelsey Flink

Chelsey received multiple nominations for this award. One nominator wrote, “There are numerous stories that capture why Chelsey deserves this award, but it is hard to capture her character through words alone. She can be described as a black pearl. A black pearl is a very rare, fine, admirable, and difficult gem to find in the world. Like a black pearl, Chelsey is the type of person who you do not see often. She would be difficult to replicate. Chelsey proves this daily in creating a welcoming and encouraging environment in her tutoring sessions and after school classroom.  The teacher who works closely with Chelsey has been impressed by the great gains her focus list students have achieved from the start of the year until now.”

Another nominator said this of Chelsey:

“I’ve seen her put heart and soul into everything she does. Whether she’s preparing literacy lessons for after school, a session for her behavior group or material for her literacy sessions, she puts a lot of thought and creativity into her plans. You can see the results of her time and effort when you look at her students’ faces. They’re all smiles. It’s refreshing to see quieter students come out of their shells and answer comprehension questions confidently. Chelsey is a breath of fresh air.”


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