Sí Se Puede: Showing Pride in our Service

The Sí Se Puede Awards are inspired by Cesar Chavez who was, and still is, an important role model in our community. The people of San José are familiar with his work and celebrate him to this day. This saying, “Sí Se Puede,” is part of that culture and pride.

For students, “Sí Se Puede” is a reminder that they can do well and be great, both in their academics and in the choices they make in life. When corps members assist them in these accomplishments, they are ultimately changing the students’ attitudes about themselves and their future. For corps members, “Sí Se Puede” can be used to get through this city year because it serves as a reminder that they are making a difference in children’s lives and in the world. It’s a symbol of their pride in the community and in the work they do.  With Sí Se Puede awards, we seek to recognize and celebrate exemplary corps member efforts.

This month’s recipients:

Shelbie Pool, Corps Member on the Applied Materials team at Lee Mathson Middle School

Shelbie Pool

Three words that best describe her: committed, student-focused, selfless.

The most inspiring thing I’ve heard her say is, “Of course!” whenever she is asked to do something. She has taught me that even when there are a million things to do, we can do each one with a smile and the utmost care. All four of her 8th grade students are on track to meet their growth goals. Overall 8 of her 11 literacy students are on track. But that’s not what is really inspiring about Shelbie’s work. Aside from DIBELS, her students are growing fonder of reading, and their overall academic work.  They’re investing in their own education.  Ms. Pool has been the catalyst for a complete change in student attitude and self-value.

Christina Johnson, Team Leader on the NVIDIA team at A. J. Dorsa Elementary School

Christina Johnson

Three words that best describe her: thorough, fun, dedicated.

If she were a song, she would sound like… Fancy by Drake if she’s happy and Six foot seven foot by Lil’ Wayne if stressed. CJ has taught me that loyalty is essential to teamwork. I know that she has my back no matter what, and she knows that I have hers. She also makes sure we take care of ourselves and reminds us to laugh. She acts silly with us at times, but also serious when she knows work needs to be done. I really respect her for that.

Erin Walter, Corps Member on the Cisco team at Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Erin Walter

Three words that best describe her: passionate, reflective and open-minded.

Erin is an amazing corps member. She is always looking to improve herself and her teammates. The incredible work that she does for our team and her students on a daily basis is inspiring to me and those around her. She reminds me daily to believe in the power of young people, and she is constantly looking for new ways to best support her students. Every conversation I have with her about a child is focused on what she can do better and improve on. She soaks up feedback like a sponge and is so focused on her student’s achievement: it is inspiring. She brings so much to our team, school and teachers. She’s positive, heartwarming, funny and a great joy to have around.


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