Congrats to our PITW award recipients!

Putting Idealism to Work (PITW) is a collection of ideas written and edited by City Year CEO and Co-Founder Michael Brown, but contributed to by many people. It contains 182 pieces of collective City Year wisdom that guide our service and serve as a reference for ways to implement our mission in our daily work.  Our site gives out PITW awards to people who embody these ideals.

PITW # 65: Sometimes we all need to allow ourselves to be led through the darkness.

Awarded to Deborah Woo, Program Manager and Gisela Martinez, Team Leader on the Walmart Foundation team at Cureton Elementary School

Gisela Martinez

I cannot separate these two individuals because together they make up the mind, heart, and soul of our team. In our first semester of service, they have led our team through the darkness with compassion, flexibility, and humor. They are always willing to listen to our concerns and help us brainstorm solutions to any problem. Their passion and brilliance inspires me to continue to give my 100% to our students, even when things seem difficult or obstacles seem insurmountable. On a more personal level, these two women have supported me through a difficult fall, offering a listening ear, great advice, and encouragement and concern that goes above and beyond the call of duty. I am lucky and honored to serve with them.

PITW #9 Create your own environment for success.

Awarded to Dan Maurath, Training Project Leader

Dan Maurath

Why? Dan has created new and improved systems to fully leverage his role as LACY and Training Project Leader. The creation of the LACY Survey, the fresh face of the Idealist Journey, and his powerful LACY Day are only a few examples of how Dan has made his ideas come to life and go above and beyond the basic requirements of his role.

PITW #49 Don’t forget to have fun!

Awarded to Marci Chavez, Corps Member on the NVIDIA team at Dorsa Elementary School

Marci Chavez

Marci works hard so that she can play hard. She brings that Bronx flavor to a team of focused and hardworking idealists. She reminds us to “do what we gotta do” and to find fun and humor in everything we do at City Year.

PITW # 18– Think outside the box.

Awarded to Allison Jones, Corps Member on the 49ers Foundation team at Goss Elementary

Allison Jones

Allison has created a world of creativity and discovery in her enrichment classroom.  She has kicked down the box of ordinary by bringing excitement to the classroom through her lessons.  The students walk out of Allison’s classroom excited and eager to tell the next teacher what they learned. She has taken students through numerous adventures with videos, pictures, hands on projects, acting, reading, and writing.  Thank you Allison for thinking outside of the box and looking through the students’ lenses.

Past PITW award winners: Clara Wells, Carrie Paulette, Amanda Liles and Megan O’Leary.


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