Thankful Thursday: The CYSJ/SV Alumni Board

This past Monday we came together as a staff and corps for a Thanksgiving dinner right here at the City Year office.   The event was organized and hosted by the City Year San José/Silicon Valley Alumni Board and our current staff.  To summarize: it was amazing.

Corps members line up for dinner

The Cisco Chavez Elementary School team enjoying the meal

Tables were filled with all of the traditional Thanksgiving favorites: sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkey and pumpkin pie.  Having just completed another long day of service at schools, corps members stood crowded near the table, eagerly anticipating the feast that was to come.  The staff members and alums were playing it cool, but I know they were hungry too.  It was almost 7 o’clock.



“Dig in!” Romel said. And people took him at his word.

But this was not the pushy scene you might see at your typical buffet.  People were laughing, passing plates and sharing.

Overall it was a good opportunity to just hang out, chat and build community the old fashioned way…through eating.  There’s nothing quite like sharing a meal with all of the City Year people here in San Jose.  It really is like a second family.


Huge thanks to Program Manager Romel Antoine, the alumni and staff for the delicious meal!

-Amanda Liles, Literacy Project Leader and Social Media Manager CYSJ


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