Showcasing student talent

The first day of our new enrichment cycle, I recall calling my students to attention by saying, “Dance, there are six weeks until the enrichment showcase. I don’t know about you guys but I’m super excited.” I was then greeted with a dance class of thirty something students who were all smiles.

Not only were these students anxious to learn three different styles of dance, they were excited to share it with their community. While there were many bumps along the way, there was not a day that passed by that I did not see those kids dance with heart. They were determined to make this showcase memorable.

With the end of the year fast approaching, the pressure was on for all five enrichment classes. Not only was the dance class talking up the showcase, but I heard other enrichments buzzing about what they were going to be doing to show everyone what they had learned this time around.

By June 1st, the anticipation was no longer measurable. Those students were not only mentally preparing themselves for what they were about to do but they were tired of waiting to see what their friends had been working on for weeks!

The patience paid off. I have never encountered a group of students so supporting of their fellow classmates. They would point at a student on the stage and say “I know him,” or “I can’t believe they can do that!” I was overwhelmed with joy.

I know this holds true for all the corps members on my team because as I looked at each one of them (one in particular with tears in her eyes) there was a particular smile that expressed everything they were feeling. Our students worked hard for weeks to come up with a routine for their community, and they never shied away from the opportunity of showing that off.

We are so incredibly proud of their work and their determination. We honestly could not have asked for a better enrichment showcase that truly had a great turnout from the community. I believe that should be testament enough of the hard work these students have strived to do during enrichments and all their activities.

Steph Yero, Corps Member CYSJ


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