Thankful Thursday: San Jose Senior Corps

Each week, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley will thank a person or organization for inspiring us in our service. This week, Recruitment Project Leader and Social Media Manager will thank the City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley senior corps for being an integral part of her journey as a City Year corps member. 

Almost two years ago now, I stepped off a plane from Rochester, NY to San Jose, CA, a place I had never been to in my entire life. It was a really exciting feeling, but it was also pretty scary. I was coming to a place to work with an organization that I still didn’t really know that much about and didn’t know a soul for thousands of miles.

That first night sitting alone in my hotel room, I couldn’t help but think of all of the amazing family and friends I had left behind. I hoped that through City Year, I would make new friends and the feeling of emptiness and loneliness I was experiencing would quickly dissipate.

I couldn’t have hoped for anything better.

Over these past two corps years, I have grown to know and love some pretty incredible people. But the people who have made the biggest impact on me are the folks I have proudly served with this year on the senior corps team.

Most of us served together last year, and came back because we not only knew that we weren’t done serving this community, but because we wanted to be there to help shape the corps experience of those who were filling our boots.

Together, we did our best to support the corps and to support each other. It wasn’t easy. We disagreed with each other, we challenged one another and we had to give each other some pretty difficult feedback.

But as I look back on my experience, the difficulties are what I will really appreciate about the team. We never let ourselves or each other get comfortable in our service. We pushed each other to our challenge zones, but provided as much support as we could.

And through it all, we became family.

Now as I think about going back to the east coast to attend graduate school, I’m sensing that feeling of emptiness creeping back in. My 1,700+ hours a year I spent serving, I didn’t serve alone. I have spent more of my waking hours with this group of people than anyone in my life thus far, and the thought of not being with them anymore is saddening. In fact, its not really something I’ve allowed myself to think much about.

So to the senior corps, thank you for everything. You’ve all taught me so much and have given me so many amazing memories. I’m proud to have served with you.

Megan Baker, Recruitment Project Leader & Social Media Manager CYSJ


One thought on “Thankful Thursday: San Jose Senior Corps

  1. I have loved serving with you too!

    With the end of year so quickly approaching I am having such a hard time thinking about how to the end the year for my school team, for my students, and figuring out what comes next for me, I have not thought about what it will be like to say goodbye to our amazing senior corps team!

    I have learned so much from this crazy family of ours. Much love and respect to you all!

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