Reliving the transformation of GYSD

Dan Maurath is a corps member serving on the Bank of America Team at A.J. Dorsa Elementary School.

At the end of service days past, I found myself visually amnesiac. I could not remember how the school campus or park had once looked. The site had been so transformed that my memory was also transformed. The faded faint lines faded in my memory, replaced by the bright colorful paint of the blacktop and murals.

Transform was our theme for Global Youth Service Day 2011. So on April 16 at Majestic Way Elementary, I sought to capture the transformation of the day. I made a visual record of the transformation. I recorded the initial outlook of the school and the progression of it into the vibrant campus it’s become. I made two separate time-lapses, one of which is included below, and a short documentary entitled GYSD 11.

The time-lapses were shot at 10-minute intervals throughout the lifespan of the projects. I sourced much of the documentary from volunteers and other corps members who became amateur filmmakers for the day, documenting the progress of their projects and the transformation through their eyes. All 11 perspectives were edited together to produce a single cohesive record of all that transformed.

I invite you as a reader to witness the change giving a morning can produce and as a volunteer to see the transformation you helped create.

Dan Maurath, Corps Member CYSJ


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