Thankful Thursday: Student Edition

Each week, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley will thank a person or organization for inspiring us in our service. This week, some very special people wanted to thank us.

Throughout this year, many corps members, senior corps members and staff at City Year San José/Silicon Valley have offered many different insights about their service through this blog.

Their words are inspiring and heartfelt, often centering on various efforts to give the students we serve the best year possible. As we roll into spring and the last few months of the year, I gave students the opportunity to share back, giving their insights into what City Year has taught them and why they are thankful to have City Year at their school.

These are the words from students at A.J. Dorsa Elementary School:

“I like how we do Great Leaps [our guided tutoring model]. Great Leaps is the best because it helps my learning and I always get stickers when I do leaps.”
–       Daniel, 5th grade

“City Year helps me read and do Great Leaps to help me succeed in life.”
–       Adrian, 5th grade

“From this year in City Year, I like the new program [Building Responsible Individuals, Developing Great Education] because you get to do more fun stuff in the new program like PE and Buddy Reading.”
–       Alejandra, 2nd grade

“My favorite part in City Year is Jiji [computer-based math program] because we do math and we have fun. I like PE because we are learning about sports.”
–       Nancy, 4th grade

“My favorite thing about City Year is we always improve in our math and we read different stories and tell what it is about.”
–       Bryan, 3rd grade

“Something I learned from City Year is that Mr. J taught us how to do overhand passes and the other thing that he teaches us is chest passes and they make us play a game of knockout.”
–       America, 2nd grade

“Ms. K taught us things and only one thing a day because sometimes I didn’t get the homework and she explained it to the kids.”
– Arnold, 4th grade

Anya Bergman, Corps Member CYSJ


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