Children “CAN” help in large ways

When my Team Leader first mentioned to me about how nice it would be do a big event for our school the first week of February, I could not help but agree with her. But what could we do that would be low in cost and big in change?

After agreement from the team, we decided to proceed with a food drive with help from Second Harvest Food Bank which provided all materials for free including a delivery and pick up service. Initially, when registering online, we thought that four barrels would be enough to collect all of the donated canned food. We made it exciting for the kids by making it a school wide competition where classes competed for the top three slots for bringing in the most cans.

Everyday, the Goss team would filter out to all the classrooms to gather all the cans that each class brought in. The first day was promising, but it seemed that the four barrels that we initially asked for would be just enough for the entire week. Were we wrong. The second day, kids were coming in dragging their heavy backpacks full of canned food. There were classes that brought in 75 cans in one day. The competition was on. Outside the City Year classroom, we had a running total with the top three classes highlighted each day.

By Wednesday, the four barrels were overflowing, with cans being placed on the floor in our City Year room. We called Second Harvest to bring in more barrels to accommodate all the extra food that the kids were bringing in. The Goss team was inspired by the community and uplifted by the children’s reactions from the amount of food that they were giving to help those in need. In the end, a school of 300 kids filled seven barrels and donated a total of 1,683 cans, with the smallest class of 13 donating 139 cans for the week!

The entire event was moving and inspirational. The kids and families were excited to participate and the corps members were happy with the turnout of the week. It can be easily said that there was no prouder moment to be a Goss Gator. CHOMP!

Yvette Licea, Corps Member CYSJ


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