Appreciating one Another – Day two of ATA

This week, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley is going to focus on something very important: our City Year community. Our students are on “ski week” which gives us the perfect opportunity to build team, celebrate our accomplishments and get ourselves energized for the second half of our service year. Each day we will be posting updates on how Advanced Training Academy (ATA) is going.

One of the most important parts of ATA is having the opportunity to really take some time and appreciate one another.

Today we did an activity called “Touch Someone Who,” which allows people to anonymously appreciate others for some pretty incredible things.

How it works is everyone sits in a circle with their backs facing the inside with their eyes closed. Then 7-10 people are selected to go into the middle of the circle to “touch someone who” they feel relates to a certain statement.

Some of the statements include:

Touch someone who inspires you

Touch someone who brightens your day

Touch someone who you can depend on

The point of the activity is to not only open yourself up to appreciate others for being amazing, but to walk away knowing that people appreciate you.

Other ways we have shown appreciation throughout the week include:

Setting up appreciation bags where people can write appreciations and drop them in.

Doing “random” appreciations in which we draw names and then 3-5 people have the chance to publicly appreciate that person.

Some of these activities may be “squishy” for some, but it generates a strong feeling of community, which is exactly what we need at this point in the year.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s ATA activities! We are excited to welcome Charlie Rose to give a Dean’s Address and in the evening we have a fabulous talent show complete with singing, dancing and some other great surprises.

Megan Baker, Recruitment Project Leader & Social Media Manager CYSJ


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