Thankful Thursday: Pedro Greigo

Each week, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley will thank a person or organization for inspiring us in our service. This week, corps member Doug Burrows thanks Pedro Greigo, the day custodian at Cesar Chavez Elementary School, for being a role model for students and a positive influence in his community.

Pedro “Pete” Greigo is the day custodian at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. He is an unforgettable character that embodies the enthusiasm, commitment and community involvement of the staff and administration at the school.

Pedro has been working at Cesar Chavez Elementary School for more than 20 years.  He has family and children of his own who live in the area, and has committed his life to serving others and being active in his community.

He has said about his work,

I value a positive work environment, I think its a kind of energy that works its way down to the kids.  If the kids see adults working together in a positive light around them, they will model that, and bring it with them to other parts of their school day.

Pedro attended Alum Rock’s very own Lee Mathson middle school and started work at Cesar Chavez in 1985.

“The job, the pay, and the benefits are great, but what really sets it off for me is knowing that I still play an important role in the children’s lives. My staff and I are highly involved in the quality and facilitation of the kids learning environment.  I highly value each one of my co-workers personal best.”

Pedro is the day custodian at Cesar Chavez Elementary School which is where Doug serves.

Not only is Pedro highly committed in his work, he is also very active in the community. Pedro is also the Lead Union Chief Shop Steward for the maintenance union in Alum Rock and oversees the fair treatment and worker’s rights for the janitors, bus drivers, cooks and maintenance personnel in his district.

“I value my unit’s performance and I think the work that they do is very important. If there’s a broken air conditioner, or mess in the classroom, the people in my unit see to it.  This means a fixed air conditioner and a cleaner environment for the kids, which is directly related to their quality of learning.”

As a corps member at my elementary school I not only value the work Pedro does, but I also look up to him.  Pedro is a great role model to the students. He is vigilant, likeable, easy going and most of all, has a strong heart and commitment to everything he does.

Pedro’s passion for his career and his school extends far beyond his day to day routine into a life of activism in support of what he really believes in.  Pedro stands as an example to me of a person whose passion can truly drive him to make a difference in the people and community that surrounds him.

Doug Burrows, Corps Member CYSJ


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