Thankful Thursday: Deloitte

Each week, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley will thank a person or organization for inspiring us in our service. This week, Senior Corps Member Megan Baker thanks National Leadership Sponsor Deloitte for the mentorship and guidance they offer to Senior Corps Members.

City Year Regional Director Lisa Chick recently sat down with our Senior Corps for an informal lunch/question and answer session. While she provided a lot of great insight into our service in San José and across the network, the most poignant thing that she said (for me) was,

“Everyone should have their own personal board of directors.”

It really got me thinking. Before I came to City Year, I definitely had a few people in my life who I considered to be mentors. I had an amazing soccer coach who will forever be a part of my life and some really great professors who provided some incredible guidance as I navigated my way through undergraduate studies.

Now that I’m halfway through my second year of service with City Year, it seems like I am always being reminded of the importance of mentorship. Being that we are a leadership development program, it comes as no surprise that we are constantly being encouraged to find ways to develop ourselves and to seek out people who can help us do just that.

This is why I feel so honored to be a part of the Deloitte mentorship program in San José.

Based on our interests and what we were looking for out of a mentor, Senior Corps Members who opted to be a part of the program were placed with a Deloitte employee with whom we set times to meet and discuss whatever it is we need/want to discuss. Out of the luck of the draw, I got placed with a really awesome mentor who I always really look forward to meeting with. (Thanks, Amy!)

Besides placing us with mentors, Deloitte also sets up trainings to help us develop as leaders. Our most recent training had us planning out the film production of “Titanic in Space” so we could see everything that goes into planning a major, multi-year project.

It has been a really awesome experience so far, and I am totally grateful to everyone at Deloitte for taking the time to connect with us and to help us as we are looking forward to our post City Year plans.

Megan Baker, Recruitment Project Leader & Social Media Manager CYSJ


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Deloitte

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  2. My Deloitte mentor has been really great as well! Christine always knows how to help me organize my thoughts and prioritize my next steps, especially surrounding my LACY (Life After City Year) plan. Thanks, Christine!

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