Thankful Thursday: Kim Brown

Each week, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley will thank a person or organization for inspiring us in our service. This week, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley alum Jeff Tibayan thanks Recruitment/Human Resources Director Kim Brown for being a constant support and inspiration for him, even in his post City Year life.

Growing up the oldest child, I always wondered what it would be like to have an older sibling.  Since moving to San Jose for City Year, I considered the relationships I built with my fellow Corps Members as my Cali family since I didn’t have any around. Then after the year is over, most of them move on to do their thing. Although most of us still keep in touch, it’s sometimes not the same.

Kim Brown poses with Senior Corps Member Liz June at the 2009 City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley corps graduation. Kim provides strong support for many corps members.

In 2008, my first and lone year of being a Program Manager, I met Kim Brown, who was our Program Director and my direct supervisor.  We connected in many ways through many things such as military life, basketball, and of course, City Year.

But the thing I admire about Kim the most is her belief in people through service.  She not only believes in the service itself, but the joy it brings people, the community and the world.  Kim is such an advocate for the human aspect of service that it inspired me to go all out during my stint in City Year.

Even though I am no longer with City Year, Kim and I still keep in touch and when we do talk, it’s always about good things or good jokes.  She gives me advice on a lot of things and she is one of the first people I talk to when I am considering a huge change in my life such as trying to join the Peace Corps.

When I’m down, I just think about Kim and what she has accomplished in her life. She often picks me back up especially with her jokes and of course right after, she advises me on what she thinks I need to do without sugarcoating anything.  And when she needs something, I definitely always do my best to be there for her like a little brother would be for his older sister.

I don’t often look up to people, but Kim is one of those that I consider a good role model for anyone.  She is kind, but will tell you what needs to happen and she won’t back down on her words like a “way” older sister would (just kidding Kim)!  She has definitely been a blessing in my life and I will always consider Kim the older, much wiser sibling I wish I had.

City Year, you are one lucky organization to have such an awesome person serving with you.

Thank you Kim, you’ve helped me in my life more than you would ever know and the bond we have is much appreciated and I will be forever thankful.

Jeff Tibayan, CYSJ Alum


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