ABC Innovation Grant

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs said it and City Year believes it. The Impact Operations Team at City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley is proud to introduce the first-ever ABC Innovation Grant for corps members initiating a new project to benefit students.

The grant is a unique opportunity for corps members to distinguish themselves as leaders and project managers. Corps members can apply for grants of $50-$250 to lead an initiative that addresses one of the A-B-C’s: attendance, behavior, or coursework in math or literacy.

So what kind of projects will be considered? Glad you asked. This is a huge opportunity for never-before-seen projects. Maybe you want to start a Mathletes club for students to exercise their math skills in a team setting? Or maybe you want to give raffle tickets to students who arrive to 10 minutes early to win a giant stuffed panda bear at the end of each month?

Only $1500 is set aside for grant money, so only a limited number of applications will be approved. You’ll know your application is likely to be approved if your initiative:

  • Is an innovation that will improve our attendance, behavior, course performance intervention results.
  • Is replicable and sustainable.
  • Engages service partners, multiple departments across City Year San Jose/ Silicon Valley, parents, businesses, or other non-profits in planning and implementation of the project
  • Aligns with the Whole School, Whole Child program.

To evaluate a project based on these guidelines, the Impact Operations Team has crafted an application designed to tease out the objectives, outputs, and timeline of the initiative. The applications will be judged by the IOT on:

  • Quality of leadership
  • Quality of planning and budgeting
  • Potential impact of the project/innovation

Each plan needs to include a way to measure the initiative’s success. This can range from test scores to attendance counts, from number of referrals to parent satisfaction surveys. Additionally, every innovator needs to submit a detailed budget illustrating where and on what the grant funds will be spent, down to the last dollar.

The IOT is really looking forward to the first batch of grant applications! The first application deadline – December 3 – is almost here. Get planning, and show us what you’re made of!

Krista Corwin, LACY and Training Project Leader CYSJ


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