Thankful Thursday: Sacred Heart

Each week, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley will thank a person or organization for inspiring us in our service. This week we proudly thank Sacred Heart Community Service for their amazing services they provide to the San Jose community.

Sacred Heart is an organization in San Jose that focuses on addressing poverty in Silicon Valley. They offer a wide array of resources, services and community involvement initiatives to make an impact in the lives of low income families. Their vision is a community united to ensure that every child and adult is free from poverty.

They break their programs into three categories: Essential Services, Self-Sufficiency and Policy/Organizing. They offer all of these services under one roof free of charge. In addition, they give out information and referrals to other human service agencies in the area.

In their Essential Services Department they have a food pantry, free clothing distribution and offer assistance with housing.

Other programs revolve around building self-sufficiency among families. La Mesa Verde helps build vegetable gardens in families’ own backyard. JobLink offers support to Santa Clara County residents in job training and help in their job search.

They also put an emphasis on education. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are offered to adults while early childhood education programs and preschools are offered for children whose parents are taking classes.

City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley has worked with Sacred Heart during their annual Thanksgiving food drive. Last year our entire corps served alongside Sacred Heart for a day during the week before Thanksgiving where we organized boxes to be distributed, helped carry turkeys out to cars and unloaded and sorted donations being dropped off.

This year we will be working with them again in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday. Corps members have been given the opportunity to volunteer on their day off to help package and distribute food to families in need.

If you are interested in getting involved with Sacred Heart, you can contact their Volunteer Office via e-mail or you can give them a call at (408) 278-2171. They also accept group reservations to serve for adult groups of up to 30 people. These reservations must be made with the Volunteer Office at least two weeks in advance.

Thank you Sacred Heart for all of the amazing things that you do for our community! We are really looking forward to partnering with you on the 24th!

Dan Blahnik, Civic Engagement Project Leader CYSJ


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