Pledging to serve others

Corps member Emily Fisch leads students in reciting the Peace Builder's Pledge, which is a pledge students say all across the Alum Rock District.

I am a Peace builder.

Those are the words that are proudly echoed every morning by our elementary school students; as they take an oath to build peace at home, at school, and in their communities each day. With the pledge, students feel they have control to make good decisions that will impact each other,  not only at school but within their communities as well.

I am a Peace builder

I pledge to:

Praise people

To give up put downs

To seek wise people

To notice and speak up about hurts I have caused

To right wrongs

To help others

I will build peace at home, at school, and in my community each day

By reciting this pledge, students are reminded of the importance to be a good person and the positive effect that they can have in others lives.

What is most important in these schools is to instill in these students that they have the power to be positive role models for their peers. We give students the confidence by teaching them that they can make a difference.

Every Friday, our corps gathers in Plaza de Cesar Chavez in downtown San Jose to display our commitment to service in our community with Unity Rally.

When I hear the students recite their pledge, it makes me think of every Friday when I join the City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley corps members  to demonstrate our commitment to the communities we serve by reciting our City Year pledge.

All across the country, corps members gather in a public place  every Friday to have a Unity Rally. At this rally, corps members perform physical training, or PT, and as part of PT we recite the City Year pledge to publicly show our commitment to the communities in which we serve.

I pledge to serve as a City Year member to the very best of my ability

to honor the rules and expectations of City Year

to respect my colleagues and the people and communities we serve

to provide excellent service

to lead by example and be a role model to children

to celebrate the diversity of the people,  ideas and cultures around me

to serve with an open heart and an open mind

to be quick to help and slow to judge

to do my best to make a difference in the lives of others

and to build a stronger community, nation and world for all of us

City Year San Jose/ Silicon Valley reminds the students that these simply are not words you can just mutter, but words to act upon every day. The Peace Builder’s Pledge,  just like the City Year Pledge,  has meaning and power behind its words.

These students understand that being a Peace Builder can mean making their communities and school a healthier more peaceful place by working together and understanding one another.

– Katherine Grundt, Corps Member CYSJ


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