City Year gets students excited and ready for the school year

As part of our Basic Training Academy, corps members had the opportunity to have in-classroom training by putting on two summer schools. We were able to partner with two of our schools to invite nearly 300 students to a free summer school where students participated in math, literacy, Starfish Corps, physical education and a fun field trip to the Tech Museum.

Corps member Nancy Adjei hangs out with one of her early birds before summer school begins.

Program Manager Christine Hodgson checks in with students during dismissal time.

Students painted panel murals for a Starfish Corps project. They were hung up in front of their school.

A student gets interactive at our end of summer school field trip to the Tech Museum.

Not only was summer school awesome in terms of getting the students ready to be back in school, but it was also a great opportunity for our corps members to put their trainings to work and to reflect on what they learned. After seeing the success of our week-long summer school, we are thrilled to see what our corps can accomplish once they start their school year on Wednesday, August 25th!

-Megan Baker, Recruitment Project Leader CYSJ


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