Community member inspires a day of service

Typically when City Year has a service event, we recruit the community to come and help. This Saturday, a concerned community member recruited us.

China is a student at San Jose State University and San Jose resident. She frequents Guadalupe Park, a ten mile stretch of bike trails located in the heart of downtown San Jose. Feeling fed up with all of the trash she has seen around the park, China reached out to City Year to help her make a difference.

China’s involvement with service began this past May when she brought a group of teens on a retreat where they participated in trust activities. Ever since then, she’s “caught the bug” and has been involved in planning several service events. This was the first time she had worked with City Year.

“It is so inspiring to see a group of young people come together like this to complete such an important mission,” she said.

With some of our brand new corps members in tow, about 15 City Year folks worked side by side with China and her friends to pick up trash alongside the walkways and the river. But it wasn’t performing the actual service that felt so good for us. It was knowing that there are people in our community who deeply care enough to do something about it, and the fact that they know to reach out to City Year for help.

– Megan Baker, Recruitment Project Leader CYSJ

China discusses the service that took place at the closing circle. Incoming corps member Jackson Starr listens on.

Team Leader Suzi Townsdin cleans up trash at Guadalupe Park.

This service day was the first opportunity for incoming corps members to serve their new community.


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